• Hollywood Boulevard

    Hollywood Boulevard

    A washed-up, ex-junkie actress opens up her own investigation after her boyfriend is murdered, only to find a seedy trail of broken promises in a town made famous for its glamorous disparity. Hollywood Boulevard was a "second rounder" in the 2014 Austin Film Festival script competition. 

  • Counterfeit King

    Counterfeit King

    Looking to purchase a large cache of hi-tech weapons, a nefarious militia group hires a master counterfeiter to create millions in fake cash. To make the best bogus bills possible, the counterfeiter plans to hijack a secure Secret Service train and steal the cargo of U.S. Treasury’s real rag paper.

  • Thick as Thieves

    Thick as Thieves

    What do you do when you’re the best cat burglar on the West Coast, you have a pain-in-the-ass partner, you’ve pissed off some very bad guys and you’ve fallen in love with a high school English teacher? You rob the San Francisco Federal Reserve, that’s what. But ripping off a federal bank isn’t that easy to pull off - unless you get lucky.

  • The Crown

    The Crown

    A history grad student discovers half of a map leading to the lost coronation crown of Napoleon. She is then forced to team up with a rogue, lively thief in order to get the map’s other half, find the crown and return it to the Louvre – while staying a step ahead of a group of thugs hired by a wealthy collector looking to add the crown to her private collection.

  • Kong Quest

    Kong Quest

    A teenage movie fanatic and his neighbor - a longtime crush - embark on an exciting and dangerous quest to find the only remaining, presumed-to-be-lost scene from the original “King Kong” – the priceless “spider pit scene” removed from the finished film after it sickened a 1933 preview audience. The teens follow clues placed in movie memorabilia throughout New York City to find the scene – and attempt to outwit the greedy men who want the historic scene for themselves and will do anything to get it.

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